Chris Rommel - Award-Winng Caricaturist & Nationally Published Illustrator International Society of Caricature Artists Golden Nosey Caricaturist of the Year Winner


Chris Rommel is a member of the International Society of Caricature Artists (ISCA), formerly known as the National Caricaturist Network (NCN) prior to 2009. The ISCA-NCN is an international organization devoted to the promotion of the art of caricature to the public as well as the education about the art form to its members. The ISCA-NCN is currently over 500 members strong and growing. This organization is represented by many countries and has some of the best caricature talent in the world in its membership. An annual convention is held for socialization, education and competition among each other. Artists at the convention display their skills as they compete for the "Caricaturist of the Year", a golden nose statuette known as the Golden Nosey Award, as well as competing for other awards in a variety of categories. All competitions are judged by the vote of the attending members. These prestigious awards are highly regarded in the caricature community and are the Academy Awards of caricature! Among winning the top prize Golden Nosey Award, Rommel has won many other awards, including...

International Society of Caricature Artists ISCA-NCN Awards Won by Chris Rommel

Awards Won by Chris Rommel